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what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. >>megyn: she decided to sunbathe topless but does she have a right to privacy on a terrace? twitter me. here is shepard smith. >>shepard: anti-american protesters turning violent in the middle east. huge mobs throwing rocks at embassies and military bases they are setting fires to cars and burning the american flag and pictures of the president. emergency procedures in place at embassies around the world as leaders call for the murder of more americans. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations said the deadly 9/11 consulate attack in libya was not pre-planned, a plan libya's president called preposterous. a brave grandfather going to new heights to show his doctor is wrong and the whole family came
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along for the ride. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> but, first from fox at 3:00 in new york city an al qaeda egyptian clerk has issued a call for muslims to kill anyone involved with the low budget anti-islam video that mocked the prophet mohammed according to the reporting of the associated press. the protesters are not over the movie. today, it turned violent in several nations. first, in afghanistan, hundreds of people burned cars and threw rocks at the military base. the local afghan police general says protesters injured 20 officers. pakistan, now, security forces there fired tear gas and warning shots in the air in an attempt to push back hundreds of protesters marching toward the consulate. in northern pakistan, a person died after hundreds torched a
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press club and a government building and clashed with police. >> in indonesia, a picture of president obama was burned and they tried to set on fire a truck in in the parking lot of the embassy, and 11 police were hurt. in lebanon, hezbollah leader there made a rare public appearance to rally thousands of peaceful protesters. he has lived in hiding to avoid assassination since his hezbollah battled israel in 2006. many protesters lashing out against the anti-islam video, it is also possible that terrorists and others are taking advantage of that situation. >> that is our top story. jonathan hunt is on it for us. jonathan, there is still a lost anti-american sentiment. >>jonathan: absolutely. most dramatically expressed in pakistan. according to the state department officials, protests
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were widespread with local security forces key in pushing back the protesters. in all the pakistani cities we learned that the u.s. staff at the embassy and consulates across that country are safe and accounted for. in terms of numbers, the biggest demonstration today was in beirut, lebanon, with hezbollah rally bringing an appeal from the hezbollah leader bringing thousands into the streets, but he called for a rally and he tends to get tens of thousands on the street. they have not at this point got near american interests. however, what we are told is abundance of caution, classified documents are being destroyed at the u.s. embassy in beirut as they are in several other embassies across that region. >>shepard: nighttime now in that region. it is quieter in the middle
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east. >>jonathan: that is the bright side. you look across the middle east itself, rather than asia and southeast asia, you are seeing things are much quieter. for instance, this is cairo tonight: not much sign of many demonstrators at all. remember, we said this on friday, the traditional day of protest in the middle east was a lot quieter although there was action, a lot quieter than many officials had feared it would might be. so it could be that the worse is over. on the other hand, you have this slightly obscure egyptian cleric issuing a call for the death of anyone involved in the antiislamic movie and the smashes are still there for more potential violence. >>shepard: than you. >> now the murder of the u.s. ambassador and others on 9/11 in libya. an intelligence source now tells fox that "there was no significant demonstration prior to the attack." also, that the attack had
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nothing to do with the movie. regardless of that information, the obama administration is challenging the report, calling it a spontaneous protest over an offensive film and the fact that it happened on 9/11 was a coincidence according to the white house. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations took that message to all sunday shows. here she is on fox news sunday. >> as a consequence of the video, people gathered outside the embassy. then, it grew very violent. those with extremist ties joined the fray. they came with heavy weapons. they, unfortunately, are quite common in post revolutionary libya. that, then, spun out-of-control. >>shepard: that is putting the white house directly at odds with libya's own president. he said the attacks and the timing has all the markings of al qaeda. listen. >> choosing the specific date for this so-called
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demonstration, i think we have in doubt this has been pre-planned, predetermined. >>shepard: he said that causing the attack "spontaneous," is preposterous. catherine has the news, live from washington, dc. >>reporter: officials told fox there was a small demonstration at the consulate during the day in benghazi but they do not despite reporting there was no sizable or significant demonstration at the time the attack unfold at 9:30 p.m. given the precision of the attack, advance surveillance has not been laid out. it is said they took the attack from the inspiration of events in cairo and cairo cannot be ignored as the inspiration. this does not mean the crowd demonstrated against the movie suddenly and spontaneously turned violent. officials say the c.i.a. has assessed or did assess the
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security situation in eastern libya and it was deteriorating before the attacks based on the four attacks going in june on diplomatic and western targets, a report we brought to you on friday. >>shepard: what explains this disconnect? >>reporter: the disconnect seems to be semantics. we reported today based on the intelligence source on the ground in libya the assault on the consulate was with no warning and included fire from two locations. we had rpg's and mortar fire, include one that hit the roof and direct and indirect fire. we are told there were two waves to the assault. what has been relayed is the first wave, the attackers were heard to say "we got him," and then the second wave went after the motor code and the support personnel. on friday the head of the house intelligence committee, who was first to publicly state said it was premeditated, said this is how the disconnect is playing out. i and others, folks in
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department of defense come to the conclusion it had to be coordinated. lots of comand and control. indirect fire. direct fire. there was even a stop for some period of time in the fighting. it was then re-engaged at another location around the consulate. there is just lots of unanswered questions today. there is a lot of other information surrounding it that leads know believe this was clearly an act of terrorism on a u.s. diplomatic site. >>reporter: part of the disconnect is that this investigation is in the early stages. it is income -- incomplete right now. we do not yet have the forensic information that could well be there. >>shepard: than you, catherine. and now, former assistant secretary of state for public affairs and serves at specialcy
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safetyant to president clinton. good to see you. what do you make of this, p.j.? >>guest: well, there are lots of questions. mike rogers has a good point and libya has now rested, perhaps, 50 that may have been involved in this, so we should be able to get the answers. >>shepard: we reported on thursday this had the hallmarks the fact thet attack, the way ambassador and three others were killed and we did not know much about protests there but in other places. >>guest: i don't think they are mutually exclusive descriptions. there was a small-scale demonstration and then one or more of the groups that are armed in libya, they decided to join in. the legal of planning is obviously something that will determine and that is critical because, obviously this is something that was significantly planned, including from outside of libya, that has significant
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implications. >>shepard: i want to turn to the attack in afghanistan open our base there and specifically where a lot of british soldiers are. from my understanding of this thing, the insurgents bust add hole in the place, they came in, drove a couple of miles, managed to destroy $200 million worth of equipment, and, somehow they got away with it. how concerned are you about the situation in afghanistan now? >>guest: it is important to differentiate the two. obviously, in afghanistan, we have an ongoing war. in that context, occasionally the other guys are going to be successful. they were scoping out, i think, an attack on this airfield in the province for some time, so their rhetoric they were doing this because of the video, i think, that is nonsense. clearly, they have the capability. we are in a race on time. this is a battle we are currently engaged in and progressively going to turn the battle over to afghanistan. >>shepard: it is one thing it
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seems to me if they got lucky. but it is another thing if they have the inside intelligence in the base and others to carry out such attacks. they used google maps which makes sense. >>guest: that is part of their capability. they are going to have battlefield successes at various times. we are still the most effective team on the playing field but we cannot expect to pitch a shutout. >>shepard: thank you, p.j. crowley. more ahead on the antiwestern protests in the muslim world. secretary of defense says he expects more unrest in the coming days. we will see how the pentagon is responding coming up. plus, the do not call list. remember that in it seemed like a good idea, i don't want you calling my phone. lots of us signed up for it and most of the calls stopped. for a while. next, why complaints about the so-called robo calls are skyrocketing. what we can all do about them.
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>>shepard: the federal trade commission today reporting that complaints about telemarketing robocalls are threw the roof for millions who are not on the, rather, who are on the do not call list. according to the feds, the complaints jumped from 65,000 in october of 2010, to 212,000 in april of this year. the calls on everything from debt relief to windows and sidings and the phone ring when din certificate on the table. despite the spike, the ftc insists the calls of the "do not call" list work. with us is cyber crimes and technology analyst, morgan wright. nice to see you, morgan. it is not some accident that the complaints are way out. robocalls are seriously hard to stop. >>guest: absolutely. i will tell you it is tied to the current economic situation. as times get bad you try and find more ways to make money.
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there are three ways: purely illegal means. influence means that are less than ethical. and purely legitimate means. unfortunately we are seeing the outpouring of affects from things that are illegal or unethical such as identity theft, or selling you thinks you do not need. >>shepard: if you are on the "do not call" list, or you get calls do you not want, what do do you? >>guest: i tried -- use your local service provider and let it go to voice mail but do not press one or ask for more information. i tested this a couple of times to ask to be removed, it does not work. they ignore it. they could operate outside the boundaries of our lawsuit and could be coming from a foreign country. they do not care. most legitimate companies do care but a last these guys because of the internet, and to get your i.d., they will call from anywhere. you cannot stop it. >>shepard: being on the "do not call" list does not help.
12:17 pm
>>guest: looks keep honest people honest, it works for countries who agree to abide but it will not help someone in the south pacific who decides they want to sell you credit card stuff or get your information. that is the effect of technology. it has improved our lives but it has made it easier to be just as annoying as the calls. >>shepard: and people are not. >> wear you can set up your phone so it will show the person receiving the phone on call are i.d., and it will show whatever they want it to show. they can pick the first bank down the street or whatever they want. >>guest: i was in the green room and showing the person put on my makeup, and you probably cannot tell i have makeup on i gout a call from the white house. it is on my phone. i can now impress people that the white house has called me for whatever reasons. people trust call are i.d. to the point where they use it as a form of identification. it is absolutely not. it used to i trusted it.
12:18 pm
a few years later i get to the point, why even have it? >>shepard: thank you, sir. great to see you. >> thanks very were. the obama campaign staffers have been criticizes governor romney for what they call "a lack of details," in the plan. polls show that line of attack could be having an effect. now, governor romney is trying to highlight some specifics in his proposed. looking for specifics? we will have a live report next. .
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>>shepard: 50 days until election day. today mitt romney looked to swing the focus from crisis in the middle east back to the economy. he also is trying to pick up swing state voters. right now, governor romney is speaking to the u.s. hispanic
12:22 pm
chamber of commerce in los angeles. the polls show president obama has a strong advantage with the latino voters and several swing states have huge hispanic voting. you can see the speech on where it is streaming. carl cameron is live in los angeles. what is the message to the latinos? >>carl: the president has not been able to deliver a strong economy for hispanic or any other voters in the united states. mr. romney will make the art his proposals are better and point out that president obama has a candidate promised to make illegal immigration reform a priority. in romney's prepared remarks he will say the obama administration never bothered to come up with a bill. he will argue that the latino community has been hard hit bit obama economy insofar as the unemployment rate is 8.1 percent
12:23 pm
but among hispanics it is well over 10. this is an attempt by romney to emphasize his economic experience, his ability to create jobs is superior to the president and will help out on the domestic agenda. the romney campaign is trying now to illustrate to reporters and the public that it will make itself available on a host of other issues and be prepared to deal with the news of the day and the cycle and the world, particularly if life the chaos that ensued last week overseas. >>shepard: understood. a lost leaks from the campaign and reports of mitt romney about to adjust the message. what is the real deal? >>carl: well, the real deal is the calendar has caught up with the criticism. for months, conservative republicans have suggested that mitt romney needs to offer up more specific policies things for people to support affirmatively opposed to characterizing himself as the an
12:24 pm
thesis of president obama and to offer up ideas. that is what he is doing. today with the 33rd annual latino congress, across the country. and later this week paul ryan will address aarp and talk entitlement reform with a whole series of speeches that the campaign planned to do after the conventions and before the debates. this is the romney campaign's response in the words of an advisor to the public's understand that romney has a plan but there are questions what the specifics of the plan are. that, they say, that demand will now be met more aggressively. >>shepard: thank you. apple reports pre-orders for the new iphone shattered sales records. according to apple shoppers pre-ordered more than two million iphone 5's in the first day. that's double last year's record at the time of a million sales during the first day of pre-orders for the iphone 4s. apple reports most customers get their iphone this week but the huge demand will push delivery back to october for some
12:25 pm
customers. the new iphone hits the shelves on friday. some are lining up outside the apple store on 5th avenue right now. unbelievable. >> emergency procedures are in effect at embassies as protesters win. diplomats in the embassies are destroying classified documents so they cannot get in the wrong hands. more on that next. plus, israel's prime minister says that the u.s. needs to toughen up on iran. and soon. the details of that as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on monday with "studio b" today. hungry for the best? it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb.
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>>shepard: i am shepard smith. this is "studio b" at the bottom of the tour, time for the top of the news. defense secretary panetta says the pentagon expects the anti-american demonstrations across the middle east and north africa will last several days, if not longer. the military has deployed teams of elite marines to protect the embassies in libya and yemen. the navy moved two warships to positions off the coast of libya armed with missiles. yemen said they arrested 13 suspects, which is home to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the group of united states officials called a terror network the most dangerous branch. doug has the new live from the pentagon this afternoon. doug, the pentagon is responding to a new round of insider attacks in afghanistan that are very troubling. >>reporter: there is a growing
12:30 pm
sense of frustration here at pentagon over this most recent round of insider attacks. the most recent of them, rather, a round of three of them in the past three days. on friday, what was thought to be the most secure installations in all of afghanistan, 15 insurgents wearing army uniforms killed two marines, wounded nine other people and destroyed six very expensive carrier fighter jets. on saturday, a gunman with an afghanistan government uniform killed two british soldiers in the southwest part of the country. on early sunday morning, in the pre-dawn darkness, an afghanistan police officer turned his gun on nato troops at a check point in southern afghanistan, killing four u.s. service member. chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said and i quote, "we are all seized with this problem. you cannot whitewash it. we cannot convince ourselves we have to work harder to get through it. something has to change." secretary of defense panetta, who is traveling in asia this
12:31 pm
week, offered a somewhat milder version of those events. >> this is a war. we are engaged in a war. every day when you are engaged in war there are serious risks that confront those who fight the war. we will do all we can to minimize those risks. >> increasingly a lost americans are frustrated with the insider losses given the fact we now have a date certain for exiting afghanistan in late 2014. a lot people see this as a needless loss of life. >>shepard: and concerns that the embassies -- what is the latest with the u.s. marine presence at our embassies around the world? >>guest: the marines are beefing up their presence at a lot of embassies in the troubled region but the security is largely a function of the host country. on that note, the government of the sudan has rejected u.s. calls for beefed up marine
12:32 pm
presence at that embassy at the site of violent protests we saw recently. and the staff at the beirut embassy is now burning some classified materials, getting rid of it, destroying it. we do not know exactly what kind of classified materials could be involved but it is safe to assume secret cables are destroyed and perhaps emergency plans in the event that embassy staffers have to leave that facility quickly. >>shepard: thank you, doug, from the pentagon, in washington, dc. the israeli prime minister says the united states is running out of time to get tough on iran. the prime minister binyamin netanyahu yesterday warned that iran could be just months away from building nuclear weapons. he says that adds urgency to the demand that the white house set a asked "red line," a limit, really, that iran cannot cross. or else. the former he of the equivalent in israel of the c.i.a. has been publicly criticizing the prime
12:33 pm
minister for not showing restraint and president obama says he is leaving every objection on the table to stop iran getting nuclear material. iran is doubling down with tough talk. a top iranian official warned yesterday that if the west attacks and i quote, "there will be nothing left of israel." and rick is live with us in our jerusalem newsroom. what is the reaction to the prime minister's statement? >>reporter: well, he does not have universal support in israel. many current israeli security officials say they do not believe there should be a preemptive strike against iran. but the prime minister says it would be more dangerous not to act. he compared iran to militants storming embassies across the region saying they have suicide bombers everywhere and they cannot be trusted, he says.
12:34 pm
>> since the advent of nuclear weapons, you have countries that had access to nuclear weapons who made a careful calculation of cost and benefit. but iran is guided by a leadership with unbelievable fanaticism, the same fanaticism we see storming the embassies. do you want the far nottics to have nuclear weapons? >>reporter: some criticized netanyahu for speaking saying he is doing it for november elections and netanyahu says it is not about american politics but iran's nuclear calendar. >>shepard: a lot of talk and threats coming out of iran, right, rick? >>reporter: the commander of the revolutionary guard says if israel strikes there will be nothing left and says it will rain missiles, bombs and rockets on the country and threatens resolution resolution and other forces could fire rockets across the border and iran will strike the military bases in the region and use add football metaphor on
12:35 pm
sunday to explain why he is willing to risk this retaliation >> they are not red zone. in the last 20 yards. you cannot let them cross our goal line. can you not let them score a touchdown. that would have unbelievable consequences, grievous consequences. >>reporter: interesting that iran is threatening to block the strait of hormuz and the british and americans have the biggest war games in the gulf right now. >>shepard: now the pulitzer prize winning journalist and fox news contributor, judith miller and fellow from the manhattan institute. we get so many different assessments of what iran can do. it seems the reporting from those of substance indicates between five or six months and a year before they can do were of anything but, yet, israelis are banging the drum.
12:36 pm
>>guest: yes, because for israel the red zone which used to be a red line, now we have expanded that, it is very different from america's if you are sitting where israel is sitting without the luxury of an ocean and a huge, huge separation of a superpower from a small state, it looks very different from their standpoint. i understand binyamin netanyahu's frustration. on the other hand, the effort on sunday to scale back the threat, what i think was pretty clear. now, iran responded in its own way, today, at the international atomic energy administration where, basically, their ambassador and this was unusual for him, attacked the international inspectors and said, you know, you are part of the problem. we believe you are infiltrated and you are part of the people who are sabotaging the iranian nuclear program. that's pretty tough talk from an
12:37 pm
iranian especially on people who have bent over backwards to give iran the benefit of the doubt about the program. >>shepard: it is not as if a bunch of chatter from iran is something unusual. iran has been talking about raining bombs and bullets on israel forever. >>jonathan: we have seen it so many times before and part of their game, upping the ante and hoping you get something in return, a game they always play that is why so many diplomats are so frustrated. >>shepard: what is different to time? why is the world to believe, okay this is imminent, and binyamin netanyahu is acting as if this has to be done now? >>guest: i don't think anyone knows what is going on inside iran. that's the big black box here. we do not understand iranian motivation. you can look at the number of centrifuges they have ordered. you can look at the fact they have doubled enrichment capability. they are now enriching not 3.5
12:38 pm
percent, which they need for medical but at 20 percent which is closer to the 90 percent they need to enrich material for a bomb. the disagreement is over, ultimately, iran will take that step and actually develop a bomb. the americans say we have to wait until that happens. the israelis say that's too late for us. you cannot square this circle. >>shepard: all right. we will keep watching it. back to you. thank you. we are now in the second week of the teacher strike in chicago. they said it will last a day or two. we are at two weeks. a walk off has left hundreds of thousands of kids out of the classroom. the union president reported a tentative deal on friday but it fell apart and the chicago mayor is asking a court to get involved. kids and schools and strikes in chicago is the live report coming next.
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>>shepard: chicago's mayor, rahm emanuel, asked a state court to force the city's school teachers to go back to work and end their now week-long strike. teachers walked off the job and left an estimated more than 350,000 students out of classroom. the teachers are officialed over the length of the school day performance evaluation, and the possibility of job cuts. it seemed like the city and teachers, really, had reached a deal last night, but now union representatives say they need more time to review the proposal, many parents say they have had enough. >> they should have did this when school was out. before it was happening. >>shepard: the mayor rahm emanuel claims the strike is illegal. it does not have to do with economic issues such as salaries. the mayor also claimed that the strike is putting thousands of kids at risk. now our chicago-based correspondent is live for us from the protest.
12:43 pm
how does the strike put students at risk in the opinion of the mayor? >>guest: in the injunction application, it sites that in the city's opinion it is a clear and present danger not to have them in school. before the strike the biggest issue was, street violence and the number of shootings and homicides. well, the city is basically put forward, the kids would be at risk, otherwise, they would be in school if this was not going on. and being fed. the argument is that the city believes they would be in a safe are place. no argument there, but the junk in the case has decided he will wait until wednesday so this "emergency" has been postponed at least a couple of days. >>shepard: thank
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
>> when i called they asked if i would put them on the list and i did. so they will be released. as for those on death row they are going through a trial it is determined they should die. do you have a sense for why it is that the president decided that all of these on death row would be killed immediately, as he put it? or imminently? >>guest: well, just as americans have a judicial process and face capital punishment you have a right to do so here and are determined to do so. i urged him, the president, do
12:47 pm
and do not shoot them and he agreed not to do that. that is the good news. we cannot use the case that we don't do it, because we do. he agreed not to. we are grateful for that. >>shepard: has he said how long he will hold roof on the matter? what are your plans to get the two americans back to america? >>guest: well, the more inform we hope to have them to their families in the state by wednesday morning. >>shepard: what is their contention of what they were doing when they were arrested and convicted? >>guest: i do not want to give a legal assessment right new but our embassy stood up for them and believed they were worthy of gaining release. they got that. that is a victory.
12:48 pm
>>shepard: reverend jesse jackson on the line from overseas. thank you very much, reverend. >>guest: thank you. >>shepard: a man in washington state says he felt like he did not have a family until recently. that changed. this weekend, his family went with him for a big adventure sky diving. it is a great story. we will hear it from the man in the middle of it all. that is coming up next. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements.
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the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>> occupy protesters are returning to the place where it all began. demonstrators here marching from zuccotti mark in lower manhattan, where protesters camped out for months lat year before the city finally kicked them out. today, police say they made more than 100 arrests.
12:52 pm
the crowd was much smaller than last fall. those demonstrations spread to dozens of cities around the nation. the organizers protested corporate greed and america's income despairty. if you need a reminder how miserable flying is these days more planes were stuck on the tarmac in july than the previous eight months combined. according to the department of transportation, in july, 28 planes were delayed at u.s. airports for three hours. bad weather did have a lot to do with some delays. at the same time, the reports claim that united has the worst on time rate and us airways was on time the most. the best airline over all was hawaiian airlines and alaska airlines, which if you are on the east side you can barely use. an 87-year-old man jumped out of an airplane and brought three other generations of his family along for the ride.
12:53 pm
he says he wanted to make the second sky dive before he lost his eyesight and his grandson deployed to afghanistan. he added that he wants to go sky diving yet again but the next goal, really, is to go bungee jumping. trace is live. >>shepard: i don't know about this bungee jumping, trace. >>trace: you have to think about this guy, he is totally blind in the left eye and because of of the problem, he can barely see out of the right. but he was close to the door and he says he could hear the wind in his face and he could smell and taste the air and then he dropped and he could see the horizon in the distance but more importantly he could see four generations in flight. listen. i could not see any sense of just jumping by myself. i thought it would be a lot better off if i had my family
12:54 pm
with me, it would make me feel better. at least in the future, they cannot say i never give them anything. >>trace: maybe in the future it will be five generations in flight because they are expecting the great great grand baby to be born in the spring. >>shepard: a busy family. trace, it is my understanding he did not know he had a family until a year ago. >>trace: he divorced his wife when his daughter was six and he saw her when she was twelve and then nothing, no contact for 4 years. he lived alone. in fact, seven years ago he went sky diving, by himself, and said it was great, and he said that flight was life changing. then, the phone rang. listen. >> the phone rang. i picked up and answered. she said, this is donna, and i said, yeah, donna who?
12:55 pm
and she says, your daughter. i almost dropped the phone after 40 years. it was a wonderful feeling. >>trace: he does not want to brag but he is proud of that jump out of the airplane and he also is proud of the rest of his newly acquired family. >>shepard: trace from los angeles, thank you very much. the national zoo in washington is welcoming a new panda cub as the mother got 10 percent chance of getting pregnant! 10 percent will do it. details coming up. in america today we're running out of a vital resource we need
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
the cub until it is 100 days old. only four zoos in the united states have pandas. >> then this before we wrap it up in "studio b," a hand and his father spot add guy trying to steal a car from their home in northern alabama last night. the suspect ran off but left his own car behind. he went to write down the license plate number of the suspicious car and the would be thief jumped him and smashed into him and drove away. a little while later, officers say the suspect showed up at a police station to report the damage to the car and the cops figured out who he was and slapped the cuffs on him and he is facing a list of charges including attempted murder. the victim will be okay and told the television station in alabama some people are not as bright as they think they are. that is it for "studio b" today. back later for the fox report at 7:00 eastern,

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